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Production/Sales Figures

How many are there?

Ever since I bought my car, I've wondered how many others were out there. How may Stealths? How many 3000GTs? You see one driving down the road, and play "what model is it" with yourself, testing your skills and knowledge of the little detail differences between models and trim.

Then in very early 1996, the Stealth saw its last days of production. Now as time goes by, there are only getting to be less and less. But how many were there to start with? The Year 2000 marks the end of the 3000GT. At least for the United States. Wouldn't it be great to know "my car is one of xxxx?" Well, I finally took a little initiative and dug up some pretty interesting numbers...

I found that Santo Nucifora had some numbers for the Stealths, broken down by year, on his site, one of the original Stealth and 3000GT enthusiast and informational sites. His site is here. I am pursing updated and total figures. Below are the ones Santo reported.

For 3000GT numbers, I went directly to the top - Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc. Following is a request letter I sent to them asking for any information they could give. It worked. Three weeks later I received an email with some of the info! First the request, then the figures.

Letter of Request for Sales Information

October 10, 1999

Customer Relations Department
Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc.
6400 Katella Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630

To Whom It May Concern:

As an avid and proud owner of one of your cars, I am seeking some information that I have been unable to find in the 3.5 years that I have owned my car. And I've looked all over the Internet.

I own a Stealth and am a huge fan of the 3000GT and Stealth. I maintain a few websites with information on "gatherings" we have around the country (topping 80 cars at the largest), known accidents involving these fabulous cars, and am a founding member of the 3000GT/Stealth International (3Si) owners club.

What I am looking for (as are many others I talk with) is United States sales figures (volume) for the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth for the years it has been in existence (1991-1999, 1995 for the Stealth). I have been unsuccessful in finding any figures for these specific cars anywhere, and would love to know so I can share with the other owners who are always asking.

If it is possible, can you send me how many of these cars were produced each year? If available, a breakdown by model (3000GT Base, SL, VR-4, and Stealth Base, ES, R/T, TT) would be wonderful! Some ask how many of each color was produced each year as well, and if those numbers are available I would love to have them also.

You can mail info to my address above or email to me at Many, many thanks for your efforts and I hope you can send me some information!!

Thank you,
Eric Bowden
1993 Stealth R/T
w/ '97 VR-4 wheels

Here's the letter I got in response, with the numbers for the 3000GT...

3000GT SALES Figures by Year and Model (ed. - NOT production figs)

From: "Molaskey, Stephanie"
To: "''"
Subject: written correspondence dated 10/10/99
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 07:26:33 -0800
Dear Eric,
In reference to your written correspondence dated 10/10/99, I was able to access a partial list of what was requested.  I have enclosed a list showing number of models produced per year, broken down into specific model; hope this helps.  As far as a number of each color produced, this is confidential and unable to be provided.  I am unable to access information regarding the Dodge Stealth, but I have provided you with a number where you may contact Chrysler directly with your inquiry.

Chrysler Customer Assistance

	TOTAL YTD 3000GT sales by Model years:
	1991MY  = 9812 
		base = 151
		sl = 6015
		vr4 = 3646

	1992MY = 13043 
		base = 1313 
		sl = 6877
		vr4 = 4853

	1993MY = 12715 
		base = 5314 
		sl = 4271
		vr4 = 2550

	1994MY = 15973 
		base = 8812 
		sl = 5570
		vr4 = 1591

	1995MY = 14532 
		base = 9102 
		sl = 4167
		vr4 = 1263

	1996MY = 4307 
		base = 3184 
		sl = 835
		vr4 = 880

	1997MY = 6009 
		base = 3810 
		sl = 1553
		vr4 = 646

	1998MY = 2619 
		base = 1427 
		sl = 1036
		vr4 = 156

	1999MY = 526 
		base = 289 
		sl = 192
		vr4 = 45

	2000MY = Discontinued
	TOTAL 3000GT Lifecycle = 79,536
If there is anything else that I may assist you with, please let me know.

Stephanie Molaskey
Case Manager, Vehicle Assistance

Stealth Production Figures by Year

The following is a table of production numbers for the Dodge Stealth product line. This was taken from the January-February 1996 edition of "Chrysler Car Enthusiast Engines etc ..." on page 8.

                    Stealth Production

                Year (Jan-Dec)     Sales
                   1990*         3,302 units
                   1991         18,352 units
                   1992         16,926 units
                   1993         14,556 units
                   1994          7,090 units
                   1995**        3,077 units

              TOTAL Stealth Lifecycle = 63,296

               (*) Sales began in October 1990
               (**) Sales January through August



Addendum: These figures were ones I initially researched and posted before more extensive database-digging was completed in teh Mitsubishi CAPS program to extract production numbers based on existing VIN codes. Please check out Michael Reid's extensive page about 3000GT and Stealth actual production figures: hosted on Jeff Lucius' "bible of the 3000GT/Stealth" site -

Thanks to both of them for the info! :-)

Added 11/30/99
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