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The 222 HP Stereo...  1993 Dodge Stealth R/T - Click for cool effect!

Welcome to The 222 HP Stereo...™
This page is always in a state of transition as the system progresses, grows, and changes.

The system has gone through a vast number of changes since it's initial conception in the spring of 1996. I have put together this site to share with you my love for both my car and pursuit of good sounding musc. The pictures and descriptions are the "latest and greatest" reflecting the car in its current glory. The site has been divided into categories with regards to stages of the installation or sections of the car. Each thumbnail below links to a series of pictures pertinent to that section of the system. At the bottom of each sub-page are navigation links to the next section.

COOL! Listed in Car Audio & Electronics, November 1997

Oh yeah..... And the picture of my car above? Well, the factory fogs have been replaced with little flat slit lights, and the blue lights were stolen during a trip to NY - funny thing - they were busted anyway! Thief tried to get the fogs but couldn't - thanks to metal brackets... Oh yeah, the front plate's gone too - got "SUTHNR" for my North Carolina plates, but only back required.

Tickets Please!     Right this way...     Your tour starts here.....
Introduction and System Diagram

Designing The 222 HP Stereo...: An introduction and the design process plus the system diagram showing all the components and how it all comes together.


Preinstallation: These are some "preinstallation" shots of a key few areas of the car, showing what things looked like before I got at them with the various tools I went after the car with.

Stripping the Interior

The Strip Show: First thing done was to gut the entire car - EVERYTHING. Well, except the dash. Then we covered everything with miles of paper and tape to get ready...

NoiseKiller Application

The Paper Beast! Even once spraying the NoiseKiller began, paper and tape continued to transform the car... But the NoiseKiller spread like a cancer - LOTS of it, and everywhere.

NoiseKiller Results

NoiseKiller - WHAT?!? These pictures show a few parts after it has dried overnight and beast been tamed - the paper removed.

Head Unit

The Command Console: Enough buttons and lights for a Christmas tree, the head unit, touch-sensitive processor controller, amp monitor, and custom trim panel.


The System's Brain: Stashed in the back of the passenger seat, there's no eject on this seat because everything in the car connects to it!


Give me POWER!! The amplifiers, 4 of 'em, power for the hungry masses. Three are covered here, the fourth is part of the center (below).


Variety is the Spice of Life: The 12-disc changer and 3rd amp as well as the finishing touches to the amp area make for a very nice display.

Subwoofer Box

The Ultimate BOOM Box: A pair of 10" subs. 140+db. Space for traveling (of which I do LOTS). And a spare tire to boot!

Door Wiring

Readying the Doors: Laying the wiring for the doors took more than a few pictures can show, but here's the "behind the scenes".

Door Pod Construction

Kickpanels in the Doors??: Yup. And what a project! Made from MDF, plywood, glue, screws, and elbow grease. Oh, probably some blood still in there too. Ouch! and Oops. Here's the contruction of the unique front stage door pods.

Door Pod Finishing - Cupholders!

And CUPHOLDERS too?!?!: Presenting the only Stealth in the world with integrated cupholders (fellow S3 owners should be green with envy by now). Finishing up those snazzy door pods. Can you tell they're my favorite?

Those Dashing Tweeters

Those Dashing Tweeters: I replaced the factory tweeters in the dash with a set of small "eyeball" tweeters, tapped off the front stage channels.

Center Channel

Front and Center: Cool sounds from center stage, speakers in the air vents bring the music to life.

Rear Speakers

The Rear Fill: Rounding out the rear with more custom work.

Light Show

The Ultimate Night Light: Lights here. Lights there. Good golly there's lights everywhere! Check out how this blue baby lights up the night sky!

The Future

What's on the Drawing Board? Take a peek into the inner workings of my melon and see where the system may eventually take it's next steps...

Questions? Comments? Let me know! Send me an email...
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