The Rear Fill...


Well, the rear fill is quite simple. You've already been through the amplification for the rear speakers - the Rockford Fosgate Punch 40ix that's mounted right beside the CD-changer, where the other amps are. That amp gets it's signal from the rear RCA output of the processor.

The speakers are Rockford Power 4" and Audiophile Tweeters (RFA 14X). They are mounted on a custom cut baffle board made from 3/8" masonite, and lined with Dynamat, then covered in carpet. The board is mounted to the factory pods that held the 6x9's that used to be in there. The factory grill cover is used. The second picture shows the body panel back in place and the factory speaker cover simply clips in the little slits around the edge of the opening, just as it originally did. They easily pull of for showing.

Kinda funny, because the rear channel is run off a small amplifier at low output, these speakers actually serve two purposes... They are 1) a rear fill channel, and 2) a set of backup/replacement speakers should I toast one of the 4" drivers in the front.

On a side note, notice in the first picture, all the wiring (speaker/RCA/DIN/fiber-optic/etc) is neatly wire-tied and attached at regular intervals. This is the norm throughout the installation.

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