Meet the Beast!


NoiseKiller comes from Rockford Fosgate (back when they had the exclusive marketing rights) in 1-liter cans. Going into this project, I had no idea how much I was going to use. I just knew that the entire interoir of the car was going to be sprayed. I wanted to make sure that everything was covered. All of the visible panels, the roof, the hatch, the outer sheet metal as much as possible. Everything.

Once enough paper and tape was on the car Tommy Miller, an installer for Radio Shack, started to spray the car. He started with the doors while myself, Loren Smith, installer, and Bruce Milo, shop owner, continued to attack the car with more paper and tape.

The doors were done first with an initial coat. Both doors received a second and third coat later in the process, allowing some time between applications (about 15-20 minutes) to allow light settling of the previous coat. Other parts of the car were sprayed during this time. Pictures 1 and 2 show the doors during and after application. Care was taken to make sure the whole door was coated, including all of the outer sheet metal. This was done by spraying the nozzle at angles throught the holes in inner support metal so everything was covered. There's probably about 1.25 - 1.5 cans per door alone.

Tommy certainly had an advantage over me for doing the spray process - he's about 5 inches shorter! Crawling around inside that car (at least there was nothing in there!) was a difficult task. Especially since he had to get to every little corner of the car and fenagle the nozzle to get behind the inner metal to the outer sheet metal. Not to mention by the time we got to this stage of the process (still on the first day, mind you), it was somewhere's about 11 pm. This meant we had to have portable lights that we continually moved so the light was in the right places (an not getting noisekilled!). Pictures 3 and 4 show the inside process - both tommy crawling around and the extent to which things inside were covered.

Picture 5 is one of my favorite from the whole installation. The paper beast! At this point the application process was completed, as well as the papering/taping process. As you can see, we had covered EVERYTHING. No part of the exterior of the car (other than maybe the bottom couple inches of the tires) were visible. Nor was any of the interior - well, there was no interior! It was all a light blue color. Actually looked kinda cool. The interior glistened with the wet NoiseKiller. Who'da thunk there was actually a car under that... uhhh... paper monster!

The last three pictures show the inside from various angles. No square inch was missed. Everything was covered, from interior metal panels to the exterior sheet metal panels of the car. It's effect was alreadt apparent as knocking on the body panels resulted in a deeper THUD-THUD rather than the normal pinggggg-pinggggg you get when you knock on a car.

All total, we used an estimated 250 feet of 18" wide paper and 4 rolls of 2" masking tape to fully cover the car.

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