The Time Before The Great Change...

Before everything got started I took a few pictures of the interior of the car for the "before and after" effect. I knew the car would be taking on some huge changes to the interior - I designed the whole system. To this day, when I sit in a friend's Stealth or 3000GT I comment, "Wow, factory doors!". They laugh knowing what I ride with...

The first picture is the passenger seat. This is where the processor will eventually reside, mounted in the back of it. It will have that same piece of factory vinyl covering it, though.

The center console, picture 2. Obviously the factory unit will be replaced. Notice that the factory trim panel is simply a piece of black plastic. This will also be replaced and made to look a lot better than it does now.

Picture 3 shows the door in it's original state. Note that the strip along the bottom is carpet, highlighted with vinyl edging. This will be duplicated in the new door pods - the carpet and vinyl mix. I like that and wanted to use it.

Finally, a shot of the rear hatch area. There will be a lot happening here as time progresses. Subs will be added, amps into the rear seats - but the seats will not lose their functionality, they will be kept such that they can fold up hiding everything back there and still be capable of seating people.

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