Wiring the Doors...


Wiring the doors was one of those things where each step you took, it turned out to be more of a hassle than it should have been. First of all, the inner body panels really do fit the doors snugly - there's not a lot of space between the body panels and the metal structure, no space in some places. As with all of the speakers in the car, Rockford Fosgate White Wolf 11-AWG speaker wire was used. It was run through a custom gromet and loomed between the body of the car and the door, look in that tight space and you'd never really suspect anything was aftermarket. The cable was run along-side the factory wiring since had to be space along that path between the body panel and metal. It went to a distribution bank, which split the signal into three paths, for the 3-way system the doors would house. The Rockford high-pass crossover was used with the Power 14-X Tweeters. This was mounted to a custom bracket which was recessed into the only opening big enough and with enough clearance from the glass when the windows were rolled down.

The doors were to eventually house a Rockford Fosgate Power 4" midrange and Power 6" midbass driver. Custom crossovers were used. The 6" midbass was preceded by a low-pass coil to filter out frequencies above 300Hz, the processor would control the low cutoff point, I can select the sub's crossover frequency. The 6" drivers would fill in between the subs and 300Hz. I almost always run the subs cut at 63Hz. The 4" midranges have a high-pass filter inline to give them everything from 300Hz and up, we just left them to roll off naturally on the top end, and let the tweeters come in at 2500. This configuration ended up working quite well.

The bottom picture shows things all put together. The white wire brings in the signal from the amp, the yellow wires distribute the signal to the speakers, and the orange wire is power for the neon to be installed in the doors.

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